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Welcome to Pathshala

Welcome to Pathshala,

We would make it more interesting than the normal school classes.


As we begin the adventure of Pathshala, we would like to percentage how the seed and roots of the ventures have been located. The journey has a been with the ups & down through the years which have been past.

Started from a college group, aiming to create a change in society and enhance the skills. While being in the final years of graduation, focusing to be an entrepreneur. Joining arms with a social group of university to assist the lower society and those close to the college in Dehradun. After graduating as we all departed joining distinctive organization, as the societies says, “There is nothing without money and job”. The idea seems to be shattered and almost ended. Busy being in the corporate life, the team reunite and started the discussion to be back with the same pace and start off a new idea. Things started well, whereas with the time it turned out to be the same. As corporate life and society’s word always remain in the mind.

The founder didn’t forestall this time and kept on seeking to make the things occur within the proper route. And here we've got the www.Pathshala.Co up and going for walks. Which aims to be the latest upcoming online platform to cater tutors across India in the field of Education, Arts, Sports, etc. This Online platform also offers to fulfil the need of learning across India with most trusted local tutors.

So, step by step we trust in scaling it up inside the coming years, by connecting with the like-minded people. In order to enhance the service and produce alongside new technology to make training greater a laugh, loving and gaining knowledge of manner.

Pathshala as the call indicates is a school, here it is a school away from school with learning and interacting with new people. Missioning to Overcoming the gap between education and teaching sector with Quality Education affordable for all.

Keeping the Vision as follow:

  • Quality Education: Tailor-made courses for all grades’ students
  • Employment Generation: Stable mentoring opportunities for eligible teachers
  • Institute Rating: Data driven authentic reviews to help students land with the right teachers/mentors