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Traditional to Online

Teaching is the approach which incorporates the concepts and strategies used by instructors to enable scholar studying. These strategies are determined partially on subject matter or the content to be taught and partly by the character of the learner.

Beginning from the traditional manner of connecting to students thru word of mouth or via being renowned within the nearby area. In the prevailing days of technology wherein you connect with students through online platform and beautify variety exponentially.

Pathshala Latest upcoming Online Platform to cater tutors across India in the field of Education, Arts, Sports, etc. comes with the equal pace and goal to make it less complicated for tutors & students to find each other.

Simple manner to have it a start in just three steps for being a tutor.

How It Works -Teachers

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  1. Join our Team as an expert of your field
  2. Update your profile with necessary details
  3. Start your journey of teaching by connecting with students

How it is important in present era? Thanks to trendy era, students of all ages can use the Internet to connect to tutors inside the comfort of their very own houses. Although online tutoring can imply an expansion of different matters, it is essentially offering one-on-one learning help for students over the Internet

Who can be a tutor? Age is simply a number; however, experience is what matters the most. Therefore, if you are 18+ or have a good experience or both, then this your vicinity to proportion and gain knowledge with a good pocket money if you are a part-timer or college/university student. If you are an expert and pursuing it as a full time, then this helps you to add extra students.

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